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Recent updates

One more update for today
In update to version 111217-1353 I had fixed things broken in update 081217-2211. Injection Molding Machine was unable to get material delivered. Palletizer wa...
2 files — 111217-1353
Factorico fixed in version 111217-1047
I had managed to break some basic features, like connecting machines together, with last update. Today, it should be working again: Fixes: Fixed incorrect orien...
2 files — 111217-1047
Factorico version 081217-2211​ is out!
Finally, Factorico version 081217-2211 is out! Most of the changes in this update are internal, behind the scenes, improvements, optimalizations and fixes. The...
2 files — 081217-2211
Update 131117-1852
New features & improvements Improved collision detection in construction mode. In construction mode, all parts of object being placed should be now colored. In...
2 files — 131117-1852
Update 091117-1311
New features & improvements Empty containers (boxes, bags,...) are no longer listed in Buy/Sell/Depalletize menus, as there is no need for them now. Lists got s...
2 files — 091117-1311
Factorico update 021117-2202
New features Injection Molding Machine (IMM) for making plastic products, has be added to game. Two new products (parts of Calculator): Calculator Case (top) an...
2 files — 021117-2202
Factorico version 280917-1442 is out!
While last update was mostly about stuff behind UI, today we have completely new UI, which have been completely redesigned. Now with icons. Some polishing and m...
2 files — 280917-1442
Version 250917-1159 is out!
Main change in this update is complete reworked ingame UI. While it may apper that only colors are changed, opposite is true. Everything behind UI has been made...
2 files — 250917-1159
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