Factorico update 021117-2202

New features

  • Injection Molding Machine (IMM) for making plastic products, has be added to game.
  • Two new products (parts of Calculator): Calculator Case (top) and Calculator Case (Bottom) made by IMM
  • New resource Plastic Pellets (in bag), consumed by IMM
  • Workers can now carry items (above head). Only bags of Plastic Pellets are supported for now. They can be delivered and emptied to IMM's pellet hopper.
  • Some machines got updated models and textures


  • Workers disappearing
  • Workers operating Boxing and Unboxing Tables will leave it,  when there is nothing to do.
  • Wrong orientation of items on angled conveyors in some situations
  • Some other improvements, fixes and optimalizations


factorico-windows_x86_64.zip 47 MB
Version 021117-2202 Nov 02, 2017
factorico-windows_x86.zip 45 MB
Version 021117-2202 Nov 02, 2017

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