Update 091117-1311

New features & improvements

  • Empty containers (boxes, bags,...) are no longer listed in Buy/Sell/Depalletize menus, as there is no need for them now. Lists got shorter and easier to navigate.


  • Many fixes and optimalization regarding handling of Containers (Pallets, Boxes, Bags,...) including, but not limited to:
    • Fixed issue, when Pallet is first moved to Storage Zone and then moved to place where it is required.
    • Fixed positioning of Pallet content, which is no longer placed outside Pallet in certain situations
    • Fixed issue, when Pallet was not correctly processed by Export Zone.
  • Fixed crash, when Worker attempts to park Forklift, while there is no Forklift Parking Zone available, under certain conditions.
  • Fixed crash caused by Unboxing Table.
  • Fixed unparking of Forklift, it no longer jumps away.


factorico-windows_x86.zip 45 MB
Version 091117-1311 Nov 09, 2017
factorico-windows_x86_64.zip 47 MB
Version 091117-1311 Nov 09, 2017

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