Factorico version 280917-1442 is out!

While last update was mostly about stuff behind UI, today we have completely new UI, which have been completely redesigned. Now with icons. Some polishing and missing icons will come in future updates.

Changes and fixes:

  • New UI
  • Fixed control conflict causing scrolling in menues also to change zoom level.
  • Fixes clicking through UI. No more clicking on objects under UI.
  • Fixes informational messages about imports and exports, when names of items where not correct
  • Added some hints
  • Fixes some strings
  • Minor fixes and improvements as usual


factorico-windows_x86.zip 45 MB
Version 280917-1442 Sep 28, 2017
factorico-windows_x86_64.zip 47 MB
Version 280917-1442 Sep 28, 2017

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