Update 131117-1852

New features & improvements

  • Improved collision detection in construction mode.
  • In construction mode, all parts of object being placed should be now colored.
  • In construction mode, right shift now works same ways as left shift - hold to place more object of the same type.
  • Added Exit button to left panel. No need to press Alt + F4 anymore. (just note, that there is no confirmation dialog, yet)
  • View can be rotated using Q and E keys, handy when you move using WASD keys. Or using / and * on numpad.
  • View can be zoomed using + and - key on numpad. Much smoother than using scroll wheel.
  • Unboxing Table renamed to Unpacking station
  • Boxing Table renamed to Packing station


  • Fixes issue, when empty Pallet was not delivered to Palletizer in some situations.
  • Fix issue, when some containers were not depalletized by Depalletizer
  • Fixed issue with workers being pushed out of factory - I removed hole in wall for now. We will get proper door soon.
  • Fixed rotation of container at Packing station
  • Some random fixes and improvements

Known issues:

  • Palletizer places some objects at incorrect position and rotation at the Pallet. (this bug is back or recreated)


factorico-windows_x86.zip 45 MB
Version 131117-1852 Nov 13, 2017
factorico-windows_x86_64.zip 47 MB
Version 131117-1852 Nov 13, 2017

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