Version 210917-1155​ is now released.

Version 210917-1155 is now released.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Workers can now be fired, so you can get rid of them. Just left click on worker and click appropriate button. If worker is performing some task, he will leave after finishing it. Context menues CANT be closed yet, other then selecting some option. Will change with future update(s)
  • Fixed issues with task requiring forklift were not terminated properly, which could lead to task being repeated again and again.
  • Fixed forklift unparking procedure from parking zone and obstacle avoidance around it. Still not perfect, but works.
  • Added messages (at bottom of the screen) informing you, not just, about state of Export and Import orders.
  • Messages can be removed by clicking on them in extended list. Does not always work at 100%, will be fixed with next update.
  • Calculator case parts should be now correctly delivered on Pallet in boxes. Still no machine is using them, yet.

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Version 210917-1155 Sep 21, 2017

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